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What is Power Play?

PowerPlay is a smart energy platform. It allows you to connect your solar power system, battery storage and smart home appliances that you can control through a simple app on your smart phone or desktop computer. PowerPlay helps you discover more ways to save with smart monitoring, automation and intuitive recommendations, so you can save more on your power bills and have a smart, connected home that’s ready for the future.

How do I use PowerPlay to save me more money on my power bills?

PowerPlay helps you save money by monitoring and optimizing your energy. This is done through the creation of rules that will automatically make you solar work smarter by switching appliances on and off even when you are not at home. This allows to shift part of your consumption to the time of the day when you have surplus solar energy.

Imagine getting back at home after a hot summer day and enter to a fresh home as the air condition started working before your arrival using the surplus of solar energy to provide you a comfortable cool home and saving you money at the same time.

Who can install my PowerPlay system?

Only Flex Authorised Partners can sell and install PowerPlay to ensure you get the best result. We have a network of experienced partners in most parts of Australia. You can get a quote by clicking on the “Request a Quote” button at the top of the screen of the PowerPlay website and one of our Authorised Partners or a PowerPlay representative from Flex will get in touch with you.

How do I get access to the Flex PowerPlay app?

Download the Flex PowerPlay app from the App Store onto your smart phone for iOS iPhone or Google Playstore for android.

Install Flex PowerPlay on your device.

Enter your email address and password – you would have already received this in your smart energy portal activation email from Flex. Don’t worry if you can’t remember your password, you can always reset it.

What should I do if I change Mobile Phone?

Simply download the Flex PowerPlay app onto the new phone and login with your original login details.

Do I need an internet connection to use PowerPlay?

Yes, you need to have either Wifi or 3G available to enjoy the benefits of PowerPlay. The stronger your internet connection, the better PowerPlay will work.

What happens if my Wifi drops out or I change Internet Service Provider ISP?

3G model

Changing your ISP will not affect your PowerPlay configuration.

Wi-Fi model

If you have the Wi-Fi version of PowerPlay, changing ISP will effect your system. You will need to reset your monitoring.

Supply power to the monitor by energising the circuit breaker. The monitor will begin transmitting a Wi-Fi signal labelled “Auditor-XXX”
Using a smartphone or laptop, connect to the Wi-Fi signal, using the password “digitalenergy”. If this password doesn’t work please try the alternative “myenergy”
Using a browser, navigate to “auditorsetup.com.
If you reach a website which says “Welcome to your new site”, you have connected to the real internet instead of the monitor. Reconnect to the Wi-Fi signal and try again.
Open the Wi-Fi tab and select the home network from the list of options, then enter the password
If the home network SSID cannot be seen, select “Other Network”, and manually enter the SSID and password.
Connect to the home network.
If the connection to the home network was successful, the screen will display a message stating “Setup is complete”
Check the LED status. It may take 30 to 60 seconds until all three LEDs turn on and stop flashing. When all three LEDs are solid green, the monitor and PowerPlay are operating again correctly.

Can I add PowerPlay to an existing solar system?

Yes, PowerPlay can be retrofitted to many existing solar systems. The cost, functionality and compatibility may vary depending on the existing components, age of the system and your location/internet or 3G connection. Click on the “Request a Quote” button on the PowerPlay website and one of our Flex Authorised Partners can speak to you about you specific situation.

How can I reset or change my password?

If you’ve forgotten or need your password its easy to reset by following these simple steps:

1) From the login screen scroll down slightly and click forgot password:

2) This will direct you to the recover password link: https://www.edgeconx.com/EdgePortal/#/password_recovery

3) Enter your email address and await the email to arrive in your in box and follow the prompts

Known Issues

Got a problem? Let’s fix it now.

How do I fix a blue screen issue when I try to log into my PowerPlay App?


1. Go to ‘Settings’ by tapping the ‘cog’ icon in your notification shade.
2. Look up ‘PowerPlay’ in the menu.
3. Tap on ‘Storage’ then click on the button for clearing the cache and app data.


1. Open the ‘Settings’ app and select General > iPhone Storage.
2. Select ‘Manage Storage’.
3. Select ‘PowerPlay’ then tap ‘Delete App’, then ‘Delete App’ again in the prompt to delete the app.
4. Then re-install a fresh copy of the PowerPlay App from the Apple Store.